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What Our Clients Are Saying

They are a massive help and take the pain out of buying property.
Informative and helpful, I couldn’t recommend them enough.
Brilliant work guys. Keep up the good work!

Matt Hird via Facebook October 1, 2018

Property investing can be a tricky exercise if not done correctly; this is where RPG has come in for me, especially if one is time poor, which is certainly the case for me. Before selecting RPG services I must have personally met with 6-7 different buyer’s agents, what sets RPG apart is they work for your best interest and search for properties that best fit your investment strategy. Unlike other buyer’s agents they do not promote developments in alliance with developers.
They truly locate under value properties and then negotiate to get you below market value properties. They make you money on the way in, which puts you ahead on day 1. The properties they find have extremely low holding costs allowing one to keep adding further properties to their portfolio.
Most of all you can sense they operate in a very professional and genuine way, something you can pick when you have dealt with multiple buyers agents. I would without a doubt highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to build wealth.
The team at RPG are very friendly and responsive, they will make you feel very comfortable throughout the process of your purchase and are free to have discussions about your situation or strategy anytime over the phone or in person.

Sid Widge October 1, 2018

A great way to purchase property in areas where you are unfamiliar and do not have the time to educate yourself to the details to make a sound business decision!.

Andrew Z October 1, 2018

RPG have been incredible. We had a scary experience previously with investing & lost money over it.
However since starting with RPG our faith has been restored in investing – this company has not only helped us with a great broker & accountant, but have taught us endless investment strategies through their investment seminars. There were no startup costs & from our previous experiences we would not have even got on board with RPG had there been start up costs because of how much money we’d lost previously due to lack of good help, lack of a good broker & lack of good direction!
Direction in terms of where to buy & buying under market value which are 2 things we did not take into account.
Since coming on board with RPG we have adopted these 2 principles with their help & wow… we have come a long way in such a short time!
ur property numbers speak for themselves! Steve & team, you guys are legends!!

Shona & Aaron Edwards October 1, 2018

I have been a client with Right Property Group for over 18 months. It rarely seems that you are client, and more like, you’re actually working alongside them, receiving – information, expertise, with the ability of constant question and answer sessions. They focus on the building of goals, constantly reminding all their clients the main reasons for investing. This will progress by looking at the individual’s own circumstances and situations that will lead you on your chosen path in the time frame you set out.
I believe the go above and beyond the representation of a ‘Buyers Agent’, as the show an ability to maintain a strong client focus. It is a very personalised service they provide, with ongoing attention through the ‘Client Meetings’ that are scheduled on a regular basis.
The information/education sessions they conduct are of great benefit. They are able to give the most up to date information on the market, the internal and external issues, review investment risks, and how we as clients need to position ourselves for upcoming influences to the property market. These sessions give me the ability to remain motivated, and speak with other very driven property investors to share knowledge, experiences and ideas.
Their results speak for themselves. I have able to achieve growth in my property portfolio in a very short period of time, and have spoken to many other clients that have performed extremely well in their portfolios.
Goals are achievable, especially with a company like Right Property Group helping you through the journey.

Luke Moroney October 1, 2018

I highly recommend the services of The Right Property Group!

They are the type of people and business I want to keep working with. They tailor their services to an individual’s current and projected lifestyle. They are genuine, down to earth and trustworthy. They have a proven track record that they live up to.

They are a very friendly and accommodating team and work with credible partners that compliment their total offering.

And lastly, they are a great sounding board, particularly when the game can change extensively for an individual.

Celeste Moroney October 1, 2018

I am just about to settle my 5th property purchase facilitated by RPG!

They deliver everything I am looking for. I have done the property courses of a well known company and have the knowledge base from that but being time poor initially put my faith in RPG. They have since shown me that I could never had bought as well as they do because of their advanced experiences and network of agents. They also bring strategy planning which is invaluable.
With a year or so passed since my first purchases I could not be more pleased with the increased valuations.

Victor and Steve are well supported by Michelle and Kate who make sure they remind me of every step I need to take.

It’s almost too easy, thanks to Right Property Group!

Ross Malcomson October 1, 2018

Hyper-efficient’, ‘wealth of knowledge’ and ‘excellent value for money’ are the phrases that come to mind.

Bizarrely I can walk into a dealership and buy a $200,000 car in about 30 minutes. But to buy a $185,000 property I need to involve government agencies, banks, lawyers, inspectors and multiple groups of real estate agents.

RPG helped with 3 property purchases so far and if it wasn’t for their efficient and streamlined management of the process there is no way I would be actively investing in this asset class today. I happily recommend their services without reservation.

So if you want the easiest property transaction imaginable then RPG are the people to help you.

Brendan Leonard October 1, 2018

The fortnightly investor education seminars are invaluable to hear some great information and network with like minded people.

MJ Anthony October 1, 2018

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