Ronald and Arishna – 27th August 2017

RPG have been very professional yet empathic of our needs, as we were (very anxious) first investment buyers.Their processes are extremely streamlined and effective. We are very satisfied with RPG’s assistance in our first investment property purchase and look forward to our next one! Thanks Right Property Group.

Bryan and Tina – 28th August 2017

Buying our 2nd investment property was made very busy with the guidance of RPG. Getting their services takes out the guessing and stress out of the situation. We are very happy to be with them. 

A.S – 13th September 2017

This has been my first time dealing with RPG, I can honestly say it has been great. Staff are reliable, friendly and very professional. Highly recommend.

Scott – 8th October 2017

Thanks again Michelle – it’s great working with you and working through the purchase process without fuss or bother. Cheers

S.G – 12th October 2017

After much searching for someone in the property field that puts the customer and ethics first, I’ve finally found that with RPG. I love the lack of fanfare and pump up talk, it’s just practical, factual numbers based fundamental investing. I’ll be back for the next one, and looking forward to trying my first development with the help of Victor and his team.

R.Fiot – 21st July 2017

Another smooth process completed by RPG. The pre and post settlement are the areas I clearly noticed more progress and evolution. Full control of all steps/stages and time. The property was identified and purchased in a reasonable amount of time. Definitely everything went as expected. I’m looking forward to the next purchase.

R.C – 13th July 2017

Victor, Bianca and team have once again delivered a great experience for the last property we settled this week. Buying a property can be daunting and knowing that I have the team ready to assist at a drop of a hat is comforting. I look forward to the next purchase! Thank you

S.R – 12th July 2017

Working with RPG on my first purchase has been a pleasure.  Their attention to detail and support throughout the process has been exceptional and would highly recommend them to family and friends.

N.G – 28th June 2017

Thank you so much to the entire tram at RPG – you have gone above and beyond anything I could have imagined and am very thankful for all the work you put into helping me. I am very much looking forward to doing it again!

William – 5th June 2017

Craig is a pleasure to deal with in the initial stages and offers good advice about the property prospects.  Bianca is excellent and I’ve really appreciated her attention to detail and timeliness of response.  She’s super-efficient, very much on top of things and I get a lot of comfort knowing she has my purchase under control.

L.W – 5th June 2017

This is so much more than a simple “find me a property” service.  It starts with a strategy and a long term plan and takes you through a journey of education and planning that makes it possible for investors to really succeed.  The team are very knowledgable, experienced and highly efficient. They’re a pleasure to deal with and I have utmost confidence that they’re looking after me.  High recommended!

S.G – 1st June 2017

We have really enjoyed working with Bianca and the rest of The Right Property group team, Sally and Steve, it has been very stress and hassle free and most of all quite enjoyable. We have picked up a few tips from watching how you all work which is so valuable to us and appreciate your support and prompt communication. We look forward to using your services again in the future. 

E.H – 15th May 2017

Thank you Bianca, Sally, Steve and the rest of RPG team for helping us purchase our first investment property. You made the whole process stress free and easy. RPG also helped us build our team of knowledgeable professionals; including our mortgage broker, solicitor and property manager. Looking forward to our next purchase ! Highly recommended !!

G.D – 5th May 2017

RPG were again outstanding in their organisation and support in the purchasing of my second property. Nothing is ever a hassle, and they always get back to you with an answer very promptly whenever you have a question or issues to deal with. I would highly recommend RPG to anyone looking to get involved in property investment.

Rebecca – 3rd May 2017

Thank you to the team at Right Property Group for making the experience of buying a property so pain-free! I can’t believe we have done it! Very exciting to be buying a property as part of an overall strategy for our personal finances. Highly recommended – but even more than that, I look forward to doing it all over again!

Ben – 23rd March 2017

Thanks so much again for all of your help throughout the negotiating, contract and now settlement phases of the purchase. your support has been awesome and has made the whole process run super smooth and with minimal stress. Really appreciate all of the work you put in to help take the pressure off what can be a stressful, time consuming period. 

U.K – 15th March 2017

I would like to thank Bianca personally and the rest of the RPG team for another successful acquisition. I appreciate you making it happen and the effort you put in. It feels seamless and easy but I know a lot of work goes into it and happens behind the scene. It is a great experience and a pleasure working with you. Thank you for your help.

Lachlan.W – 10th March 2017

I’ve just purchased my first investment property through Right Property Group and I’m delighted with the service and advice I received. Their team are excellent and helped me every step of the way with timely response, attention to detail, great advice, education and a sensible strategy. I’m no longer kicking myself for not getting into property investment years ago because now I realise that without a service like this, I’d never have been able to do it successfully. I believe this great team of experts can help me keep me on track to reach my goals much quicker. They really know what they’re talking about and the strategy is tailored for my goals and circumstances. Highly recommended.

Pete.S – 9th March 2017

The Right Property Group in my opinion, is a professional team which blends professionalism with a personal touch. As a client, you feel that the team has your best interests in mind. I would recommend the RPG to anyone looking to develop their property portfolio.

Adam.A – 10th February 2017

I had used RPG almost 4 years ago for my first purchase. Property investment took a bit of a back seat as our family increased and other commitments took our focus. In November, we got back to it and immediately contacted Victor based on the experience we had with the first purchase and then the renovation.

Jesse.M – 27th January 2017

The team at Right Property has made what would have normally been a very difficult and stressful process a very enjoyable and smooth one, their communication throughout every step has been very clear, thanks for all your work.

J.B – 25th January 2017

Bianca and the whole team were fantastic you all made this whole process very smooth.

Brett.M – 24th January 2017

Right Property Group filled us with confidence to take the early steps into a life-long journey of wealth creation and life style choice through property. There friendly and helpful staff guided us to the best of their knowledge and abilities through all stages of our first purchase. I will be using their services again.

Emma.H – 24th November 2016

Just got our first property through Right Property Group and couldn’t be happier with the decision! They were so professional from start to finish and made taking the plunge into investing so much easier! We will certainly be going again and can’t wait to get started on our second one! Thanks to Bianca, Sally, Jenni, Steve, Glenn and the team for all your assistance – Round two here we come!

B.Wright – 31st October 2016

The whole experience so far with Right Property Group has been great since the first phone call with Kate, the initial consultation with Glenn and a discussion with Steve about strategy and direction. More recently with Sally and Bianca has been excellent. They are all very professional, courteous, have great enthusiasm for work and provide a novice like me a lot of confidence and level of comfort going through this process.The level of communication is really good. You have excelled in this process – thank you.

Greg.D – 28th October 2016

The whole process from the initial meeting from Glenn was easy to understand, helpful and we were kept in the loop the whole way, nothing was a hassle.

E.H – 26th October 2016

I just want to say that this experience so far has been awesome. Bianca and the rest of the team have made us feel so comfortable with our decision and have been so organised every step of the way and kept us well informed. I personally have wanted to make this step for a really long time so believe me when I say I was a procrastinator and its taken me a long time to go to the next step! The fact that we were able to make that decision so quickly says something about how comfortable you all made us feel with our decision so thank you!  We will definitely be happy to go again when we are ready and would highly recommend you to others – and in fact already have! There’s no stopping us now!

J.Camilleri- 10th October 2016

I thought Right Property Group were extremely professional in the way they build a relationship with their clients. I was kept up to speed from the very first moment. A very big thankyou to Bianca, as she always kept me up to speed and I knew exactly what needed to be done by the specific date. The biggest concern for me was settlement day, but with RPG, they made it extremely easy. I barely had to do anything. I would strongly recommend their services for anyone who is looking for an investment property.

M.Wmaker- 16th September 2016

Excellent first experience purchasing with the help of Bianca and RPG! The end to end support is invaluable to me.

U.Kramer- 30th August 2016

The RPG team did a great job in developing a buying and investment strategy with me and sourcing a suitable property tailored to my needs. The purchasing experience was seamless and all activities were coordinated all the way to settlement. I felt I was in the hands of a team of professionals that know their business.

M.Behn- 30th August 2016

I would like to thank ​Bianca for ​her support and guidance throughout the process. ​Bianca made things easy for me to understand and follow.

J.Daniel- 26th July 2016

Bianca was so good in keeping me informed with all stages we were at.Moving forward it would be nice to keep the one person all through your property, you just get used to them and then they are taken away Bianca thank you for all your hard work and making things easier for me.

C.Roberts- 15th July 2016

Bianca was great through the process. She was friendly and efficient. I was kept informed of all steps and stages and left the process to her.All I had to do was sign and make payments. She did it all from beginning to end – Thanks

Jeff.R- 1st July 2016

My wife and I had recently got married after living the life of spenders and travelers.We took the step to look into our financial future and after a few missteps on property advice I was given Steve’s details.
This referral saved me more than just a deposit on an off the plan property it gave me insight into a strategy and how to set our family up for the future.From the start the team was not about a sales pitch rather a model that they believed in. After making the decision to move forward as a first time investor all of my concerns and silly questions were answered putting both my wife and I at ease.Once a property was available the team were extremely quick to move and professional. From this point until settlement the process was seem less.I can’t thank you enough for both the help and the education you have given me with my first foray into the property market.

Philip.F- 27th June 2016

It’s been a great experience investing properties with the Right Property Group. I’d like to thank Victor and his team, specially Michelle and Craig.I live and work in China, it would be impossible for me to build up my portfolio if I don’t have their team by my side. They make my life a lot easier and purchasing becomes a hassle free work.It’s the most correct decision that I made to work with Right Property Group and I plan to stick with them in the rest of my property investment life.

Peter.L- 20th May 2016

As always, this transaction with Right Property Group ran extremely smoothly.The Strategy was agreed previously, property sourced and the assistance with the transaction through to settlement was seamless.They are only too happy to assist with any questions or enquiries, and you always feel you have support to achieve the strategy.

Ric.F- 12th May 2016

Since this is my 4th project with the RPG, I think the numbers are speaking for itself!It has been a good relationship with them since the beginning to help to achieve my goals.

D.Williams- 2nd May 2016

My husband and I cannot fault Bianca or Right Property Group, at all, they have been extremely helpful.
Bianca and the team have only ever shown professionalism, especially with this being our first investment property and not understanding how it all works.They have always explained the process so it was clear and there was never any misunderstanding, we always knew where the property was at, which is fantastic, especially for someone like me that can be over organised at times, so it was lovely not to have to chase them up at all.We never once had to make contact with Right Property Group as they were always in continuous contact with us. We are looking forward to the purchase of our next property.

David.L- 20th April 2016

RPG was very helpful in providing all necessary information for the purchase of my property.RPG made sure I was 100% comfortable with the purchase, there was no pressure to buy or reject the offer.

Matt.R – 13th April 2016

I would like to thank everyone at RPG for their expertise and efforts.
They have exceeded my expectations (again) and I’m looking forward to my next purchase.RPG manage to make the entire process of purchasing an investment as easy as possible and without stress or strain.I would like to particularly thank Bianca & Steve for all their efforts and attention to detail.
I feel that I have learnt an enormous amount from the purchasing process which will help me with my future investment endeavours.

Aaron.Findlay – 6th April 2016

We could not be more impressed with Jessica’s assistance with our latest purchase.Jessica kept us fully informed from the initial inspection right through to settlement, Whilst keeping all other parties involved in the transaction on their toes. Great work, Jessica and well done to Victor on another astute buy.

Josh.C – 1st April 2016

Working with Bianca was great as she sent me emails on a regular basis of what she needed me to do in the next coming days. Also, Bianca always kept me up to date on when specific deadlines were so that I could manage what needed to be done. As it was the first property investment for myself, I was a little bit nervous of what needed to be done, but Bianca made that very easy for myself and made me feel a lot more comfortable with what I was investing into.

Kris – 30th March 2016

Jessica has been the most amazing help with settling the two properties over the last month.
Her communication was excellent, prompt and accurate.Nothing was ever too much.
Because of Jessica the process ran extremely smooth and I had a huge peace of mind.
Thanks Jess

Renato Garbelini Covos – 22nd March 2016

Sorry Jessica; I am not good with fluff words – It was a very good experience overall, let’s now see how it performs over the next 12 month.​

S.F – 21st March 2016

Bianca has provided outstanding support and service to me during her tenure at Right Property Group. She has assisted in the acquisition of multiple investment property purchases. I have always found her service to be top notch. She is highly responsive to any needs or questions I have, and is a pleasure to deal with. Something that stands out to me is that she takes pride in doing the little things right. She calls you back when she says she will, she has fantastic attention to detail and accuracy; and she has always kept me in the loop throughout the entire purchasing process (including continual follow up afterwards).
I look forward to continuing to partner with Bianca in the future as the portfolio continues to expand, and would highly recommend her.​

John M – 16th March 2016

Property offered was a good fit for my portfolio. Bianca was a great support through the process. Always available and very responsive. The partners RPG use in relation Solicitors, insurance are very good as well. Look forward to my next purchase… No pressure Steve!

Jo McDonald – 9th March 2016

I am not easily impressed, but Right Property Group have managed to do exactly that. I’ve dealt with 5 members of the RPG team and have been very satisfied with each of them. Their service is second to none, and I’m very happy with the property they secured for me. I have no issues recommending them to others.

Jodie Walker – 8th March 2016

My next purchase was to be a yield property and I have ended up with an 8.5% yield property, so what more can I say, it was a very good buy! Bianca and Steve are my dream team. This was my fourth property and it was very good to work with Bianca, she did an amazing job keeping on top of everyone throughout the presettlement phase and keeping me informed.

Ross.L – 10th February 2016

Bianca & the team at RPG, Thanks for all your help with the process for my last property. I found Bianca to be very friendly & professional & kept me well updated aswell as on track!

Con & Irene K – 12th January 2016

We found the whole experience thoroughly enjoyable, exciting and stressless. We can’t wait to build our property portfolio with RPG who were very professional in all aspects of their business.

Andrew F – 21st December 2015

Right, so from the outset with my meeting with Glenn in which he was very candid and full of information and patience I felt quite comfortable.Into the locating stage where i dealt mostly with Michelle who was very friendly and understanding of this being my first experience in regards to buying and made me very comfortable and confident to ask any questions I may have, however simple they may seem.Then predominantly handed over to you, Jess for the acquisition once the property had been approved. What can I say! Haha no you have been very helpful and your willingness to keep tabs on the process and myself regularly as well as contact anyone else involved e.g solicitors, Insurance companies etc has been great and made everything so smooth and easy!Thankyou and the team for your efforts and I look forward to settlement tomorrow and beyond!!Sorry I don’t really have any constructive criticism but I’ll be on the look out for something in case you guys slip up!Haha all the best

11th December 2015

The support and assistance provided by the RPG team was exceptional. If I
was to purchase this property without the support of RPG, I would have
definitely pulled out of the deal. RPG’s indepth understanding of the
contract loopholes and their negotiation skills assisted me to get the deal
across the line. You helped right when we needed help most. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Troy Sparks – 30th November 2015

This was my 5th purchase with RPG and i would have to say the experience gets better and better everytime. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and holds your hand right from the start to finish and always goes the extra mile with every aspect inbetween. She is an absolute pleasure to deal with. A full credit to not only Michelle but to all the team a RPG.

K.Deepak – 2nd November 2015

Pleasure to deal with and opened my eyes to a unique way of property investment. I’d definitely recommend Right Property Group to friends and family.

Carl & Alison Roberts – 26th October 2015

The process was smooth and all steps in the process were managed for us. The property price was right and all aspects of the purchase were managed including setting up an investment strategy.

Mitchell Burge – 16th October 2015

Through being introduced to Steve and The Right Group and a lot of guidance I have created wealth and stability which has lead to a better life style and a happier existence which will help set the future stability of my future kids.
I can never repay the debt I have with Steve so please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Toby + Jade – 5th October 2015

RPG make the process of purchasing property so easy and assist us in achieving our goals much quicker! Their advice and expertise is invaluable in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Ross & Penny Malcomson – 9th September 2015

Before finding RPG I did an expensive course with a Property Education company which provided me some understanding of the things to look for and those to stay away from when locating property however I realised it was only part of the knowledge and network I needed.
For me, RPG services are like a ‘one stop shop’ in providing portfolio strategy, independent property sourcing, plentiful access to below market deals, as well as support and direction in all of the associated administration.
I have now bought several properties through RPG and I simply could not have done it as successfully myself as has occurred with RPG.
Some of my properties were sourced by RPG before they hit the open market and most were purchased below market price.
All of my properties have shown strong capital growth in a short time which has enabled me to return to financiers to obtain further funding.
I have developed huge trust and confidence in RPG, Victor, Steve and their support people and look forward to further establishing my financial future with their assistance.

Debra & Warwick Craig – 28th August 2015

The best thing we have ever done for ourselves financially is teaming up with Right Property Group. We’ve gone from having 2 properties in NSW to 7 properties across 3 states (NSW, VIC and QLD) in under 2 years. This portfolio of properties costs us less than $250 per week before tax and even less after tax. Neither of us can really believe that it costs us this little and that we haven’t had to sacrifice our lifestyle to achieve this.
We’ve found the team at Right Property Group to be so much more than a buyer’s agent. They’ve not only sourced properties for us and assisted with all aspects of the purchases, but have shared their network of professionals with us (such as an accountant (who is fantastic), solicitors, property managers, trades people and others) and helped educate us in the world of property investment.
We greatly appreciate the ongoing education, support and mentorship offered by Right Property Group. We’re confident that if we needed to ask a question that the Right Property team would make time for us and have an answer that is relevant to our situation. The regular forums are a great way to learn new ideas and expand your property knowledge, though more importantly the regular commitment to the forum keeps us motivated, talking about our goals and taking action towards them. The annual strategic review is also a fabulous way to take a step back and review your progress to ensure the next steps you take are relevant and in line with your goals.
The Right Property team offer a holistic solution to property investment and have made our investment journey so easy and stress free. Our only regret is not meeting them sooner.
Warwick & Deb Craig

T.D – 11th August 2015

Just a short note to compliment the great service we received from Kate on our first purchase with RPG.
Nothing was ever too much trouble and the explanation of the process etc was always done with professionalism and patience. This is particularly valuable to me due to a lack of available time with my own work.

We felt like Kate was always pushing our case with vendors, real estate agents etc which was appreciated.

Biggest compliment I could give, is we are looking at property number 2 with RPG and am happy Kate will be involved again for us.Thanks,

Robert Bell – 29th July 2015

I purchased my first property with Right Property Group and I am entirely happy with the information and support I received from the entire team.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to start their investment journey or current investors.

Thank you and the team for all your hard work, dedication and understanding, you have made this endeavour quite enjoyable and easy for me and I greatly appreciate it.

I am looking forward to my next purchase with Right Property Group.

Renga Rajan – 23rd July 2015

If I got you a thank you card to match the size of your generosity, it wouldn’t fit in your mailbox.………C Cousins.
Thank you for holding my hand and asking me how I feel, you never undermining me and always keeping our secrets, you bring out the best in me and our bond grows only stronger, yes you are undeniably special people in our financial freedom journey. THANK YOU.
My sincere appreciation to you and your team for successfully purchased my property in Tweed Head through Self-Managed Super Fund.

Melinda Hird via Facebook – 22th July 2015

A Huge THANK YOU!! to the team at Right Property Group, who have just made our dreams come true and it’s only the beginning!
Less than a year ago, the thought of owning 2 other properties seemed like an unlikely possibility. I had known of other people who had achieved this but I never thought that it could be just as achievable for our family to do also.
Having been referred to Right Property group by a friend at CFC Finance and then going into have a meeting to discuss the options on how building a portfolio works and what the long term future outcomes would be,
it was just insane not to consider it.
Our long term plan is to retire comfortable and to not stress about money, we also wanted to ensure we were able to give some financial security to our child for when they were an adult.
Right Property were so transparent and made the information so straightforward in how it all can be done and the strategy behind where they locate properties that suited our specific needs perfectly.
They are worth every penny because the whole process of buying these 2 houses has been completely stress free and managed on their behalf which helped us greatly as like most families we are working and time poor. They have the right contacts, the know how and the professional attitude in making things happen effortlessly.
Thanks Steve, Kate and Glenn and the whole team, I can’t thank you more than enough for what you’ve done in helping us achieve our futures financial security.

Matt Hird via Facebook – 21st July 2015

They are a massive help and take the pain out of buying property.
Informative and helpful, I couldn’t recommend them enough.
Brilliant work guys. Keep up the good work!

Sid Widge – 10th July 2015

Property investing can be a tricky exercise if not done correctly; this is where RPG has come in for me, especially if one is time poor, which is certainly the case for me. Before selecting RPG services I must have personally met with 6-7 different buyer’s agents, what sets RPG apart is they work for your best interest and search for properties that best fit your investment strategy. Unlike other buyer’s agents they do not promote developments in alliance with developers.
They truly locate under value properties and then negotiate to get you below market value properties. They make you money on the way in, which puts you ahead on day 1. The properties they find have extremely low holding costs allowing one to keep adding further properties to their portfolio.
Most of all you can sense they operate in a very professional and genuine way, something you can pick when you have dealt with multiple buyers agents. I would without a doubt highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to build wealth.
The team at RPG are very friendly and responsive, they will make you feel very comfortable throughout the process of your purchase and are free to have discussions about your situation or strategy anytime over the phone or in person.

Andrew Z – 5th July 2015

A great way to purchase property in areas where you are unfamiliar and do not have the time to educate yourself to the details to make a sound business decision!.

Shona & Aaron Edwards - 2nd July 2015

RPG have been incredible. We had a scary experience previously with investing & lost money over it.
However since starting with RPG our faith has been restored in investing – this company has not only helped us with a great broker & accountant, but have taught us endless investment strategies through their investment seminars. There were no startup costs & from our previous experiences we would not have even got on board with RPG had there been start up costs because of how much money we’d lost previously due to lack of good help, lack of a good broker & lack of good direction!
Direction in terms of where to buy & buying under market value which are 2 things we did not take into account.
Since coming on board with RPG we have adopted these 2 principles with their help & wow… we have come a long way in such a short time!
ur property numbers speak for themselves! Steve & team, you guys are legends!!

Luke Moroney - 26th June 2015

I have been a client with Right Property Group for over 18 months. It rarely seems that you are client, and more like, you’re actually working alongside them, receiving – information, expertise, with the ability of constant question and answer sessions. They focus on the building of goals, constantly reminding all their clients the main reasons for investing. This will progress by looking at the individual’s own circumstances and situations that will lead you on your chosen path in the time frame you set out.
I believe the go above and beyond the representation of a ‘Buyers Agent’, as the show an ability to maintain a strong client focus. It is a very personalised service they provide, with ongoing attention through the ‘Client Meetings’ that are scheduled on a regular basis.
The information/education sessions they conduct are of great benefit. They are able to give the most up to date information on the market, the internal and external issues, review investment risks, and how we as clients need to position ourselves for upcoming influences to the property market. These sessions give me the ability to remain motivated, and speak with other very driven property investors to share knowledge, experiences and ideas.
Their results speak for themselves. I have able to achieve growth in my property portfolio in a very short period of time, and have spoken to many other clients that have performed extremely well in their portfolios.
Goals are achievable, especially with a company like Right Property Group helping you through the journey.

Celeste Moroney – 19th June 2015

I highly recommend the services of The Right Property Group!

They are the type of people and business I want to keep working with. They tailor their services to an individual’s current and projected lifestyle. They are genuine, down to earth and trustworthy. They have a proven track record that they live up to.

They are a very friendly and accommodating team and work with credible partners that compliment their total offering.

And lastly, they are a great sounding board, particularly when the game can change extensively for an individual.


Ross Malcomson – 9th June 2015

I am just about to settle my 5th property purchase facilitated by RPG!

They deliver everything I am looking for. I have done the property courses of a well known company and have the knowledge base from that but being time poor initially put my faith in RPG. They have since shown me that I could never had bought as well as they do because of their advanced experiences and network of agents. They also bring strategy planning which is invaluable.
With a year or so passed since my first purchases I could not be more pleased with the increased valuations.

Victor and Steve are well supported by Michelle and Kate who make sure they remind me of every step I need to take.

It’s almost too easy, thanks to Right Property Group!


Brendan Leonard – 6th June 2015

Hyper-efficient’, ‘wealth of knowledge’ and ‘excellent value for money’ are the phrases that come to mind.

Bizarrely I can walk into a dealership and buy a $200,000 car in about 30 minutes. But to buy a $185,000 property I need to involve government agencies, banks, lawyers, inspectors and multiple groups of real estate agents.

RPG helped with 3 property purchases so far and if it wasn’t for their efficient and streamlined management of the process there is no way I would be actively investing in this asset class today. I happily recommend their services without reservation.

So if you want the easiest property transaction imaginable then RPG are the people to help you.


MJ Anthony – 29th May 2015

The fortnightly investor education seminars are invaluable to hear some great information and network with like minded people.


Steve F

Steve and his team at Right Property Group have provided outstanding support, service and ‘value add’ in assisting me secure multiple investment property purchases through their agency. I have always found their service to be tailored to my specific situation, and always in line with my risk profile and long term aspirations. The deals that they have presented to me have always been of a high quality, again in line with my chosen strategy and long term goals. For example, I purchased a property through their agency in St Marys, NSW in August 2013 for $205,000 that rents for $280 per week (initial 7.10% yield). I have recently had the property revalued at $275,000, which equates to a $70,000 equity rise in less than 12 months or 34.14% equity growth.
As a young investor (<25 years old), I am also greatly appreciative of their ongoing support, development/mentoring and guidance through their Right on Track property networking events. Due to their high levels of professionalism and ethics- the tedious, stressful and time-consuming process of property acquisition has been seamless, prompt, and very easy to manage. The team are all strong communicators, and they generally care about their clients. Unlike other buyers agencies, they call you back when they say they will, and have always kept me in the loop throughout each stage of the progress from strategy formulation/search to settlement. Their networks with real estate agents and tradesman are also extremely valuable to have.
I look forward to continuing to partner with them in the future as my portfolio continues to expand, and would highly recommend them to any time-poor and inexperienced investor looking for expert advice.

Christine Human

“Coming to Australia in 2004 in an overheated, booming property market left me totally stranded in the process of acquiring investment property. I have been to several property courses. Some were down right dodgy, some were really good in terms of study material and bringing you up to speed with the intricacies of investing in Australia. But something was lacking: they were not geared to a time poor professional person. Then I read an article in a property magazine about Right Property Group, and their approach immediately struck a cord: Buying good value in an area destined to become a hot spot…. safely, with neutral or positive gearing.

The first meeting with Steve was most productive in deciding on a strategy, and most of all to make me think about what I want to achieve in terms or property investment. In no time at all the ball was rolling, with introduction to the right people to get loans approved and avoiding common pitfalls, and the immense advantage of a super negotiator with no emotions, but some skin in the game.

Steve is supported by an amazing corps of approachable, friendly and knowledgeable staff that makes the whole complicated process of finding, the due diligence, buying and finally renting a new property an entirely doable proposition.

Finally, when acquiring property, a major part of the exercise is handing over the baton to the younger generation. My two young adult children are already motivated to meet Steve and the team, and chomping at the bit to acquire their first investment property. I cannot recommend this highly professional outfit enough”.


Aaron and Kathryn Findlay

“Congratulations to Steve, Victor and the team at Right Property Group on another great acquisition in the Logan area of Queensland. With your support and contacts in Queensland, we were able to complete an extensive renovation on time and under budget, turning a tired house into a neat and attractive family home. We now have a tenant in place at a gross yield on purchase price of 8.6%, not to mention a considerable equity boost. We would strongly recommend your services to anyone who is serious about building wealth through property investment.”


Jason Teen

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Michelle for all of her assistance during the process of securing my first Queensland property in my portfolio.

After numerous failed attempts with the first two acquisitions, I was a little disheartened but with the help of Victor, Michelle presented to me an 8%+ yield property to pigeon pair with the previous Albion purchase which I’m happy about. She was always on top of everything and we managed to have the new QLD property presented to me, contracts signed, sealed, delivered and accepted by the vendor all within 12 hours.

I’m looking forward to working with her and the rest of the lovely RPG team again as I expand my portfolio.


Jason Shanks

Thanks Right Property Group,

Purchasing property through Right was a pleasure and a joy.

The experience was very easy, a lot easier than the properties I purchased before taking advantage of their service.

Victor spent some time with me to work out a game plan of how many properties I could afford & how many properties I needed to be financially free.

He found the property quickly and negotiated a great deal.

I have been recommending there services to everybody interested in building wealth.


Ian Townsend

I would like to say many thanks to Right Property Group for a great job that I could not have done on my own. What you have done for me can not be measured in terms of dollars alone, having experienced (personally!) what some investment companies can be like. I have to say beyond any doubt that Right Group Australia but more importantly you two personally have been a tremendous help. All the guess work was taken out, and more importantly unbiased information was passed on making my decision making a lot easier, saving me thousands of dollars and many hours. With out the right advice and counselling that you have personally given me, the whole process could have turned into a true nightmare. I truly look forward to doing more business with you and Reshmi in the future.

Lei Mosese

As a virgin Property Investor, I needed guidance, more like floaties, kick-board and a safety rope, in the unknown seas of applying for a loan. The virgin tag no longer applies but the floaties and rope is still attached! And this is with mega thanks to my support, Victor and his team – and at that time ‘team’ was Kate.

The ‘scratchy voice’ at the end of the phone (Victor’s words not mine!) is no introduction to the spirit, determination and calming that is Kate.

Through the whole application labyrinth, Kate’s ability to inflate my lagging energies and calm my anxiety, (and at times supply oxygen) is nothing short from Magical. This is Kate.

Kate is Victor’s PA but what you don’t realise, during the whole process she becomes Your PA too.!

Don’t let the youth fool you. Let the forever smile warm you. Kate is truly one of Victor’s priceless Investments.  As a proud owner of my first investment property and I am suited with a proven belief of the following:  “One must do, whatever it takes, to get to your desired result”.

I had a dream to build a property portfolio and I will.  I am about to jump in, floaties and all to do it again with my support team. Thanks Victor. Thanks Kate.

Sze Chuah & Mandy Quach

I highly recommend the Right Property Group’s services, particularly to anyone who is serious about building a substantial property portfolio.

To date, the Right Property Group has found my wife and I two properties that we have purchased. In addition to having excellent yields and potential growth for the future, both properties were bought below market value. However, I believe the most valuable aspect of engaging Right Property Group’s services is access to their in-depth working knowledge and expertise within every area of property investment. They help you through every step of the whole process, from planning / goal formulation through to financing, property selection and post purchase support.

Thank you Victor, Steve and Kate for your help thus far, and we look forward to buying many more with you!

 Dennis Bexis

To all those thinking about property investing, just a few words in regards to my experience purchasing my first property via the Right Property Group. After my initial couple of months of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about how I could get myself into investing, I attended a few of the fortnightly seminars, and inturn recently used the buyers agent service at the Right Property Group to purchase a property, (make that two as I’m settling on another at the moment).

At the seminars I realised these guys were actually interested in educating me and teaching me the skills I would need to be successful in the property developing world. Best part of the seminars- no imposition by anyone. No feeling like I have to pay for something or be pushed into something I was still trying to get my head around.

In fact, looking back at it, the seminars provided enough specific details that allowed me to understand and inturn have greater confidence in dealing with agents, strata personnel, tradies, accountants and all involved. The break down and examples of personal past and current experiences have by far been the greatest teachers for me throughout the process.

Probably the most noticeable part of the experience is the smooth transition between all the areas. Meet with Victor to get the short and long term strategies planned (get the foundations right), see Nat to take you through and see properties with more confidence (it’s actually quite empowering having your buyers agent with you when you go to see potential properties- knowing exactly what to look for), then Steve guides you through the final stage giving you options you probably wouldn’t even have thought of, with the knowledge on the right renovations to be doing and when. (The ‘when’, as I discovered, is very important and saved me a lot of money). Then there’s Kate who brings it all together, doing everything in between to make it happen.

Thankyou to all at the Right Property Group, the experience has and continues to educate me in regards to money and property investing, has changed my mindset and given me financial freedom.

To all those thinking about investing in property, I strongly recommend you educate yourselves first with these guys and then decide on your next step. You’ll find they surface paths beyond our usual scope.

K & J Chuah

I would fully recommend Right Property Group to anyone interested in property investment.  Victor and Steve have been very generous in sharing their knowledge and experiences in the field, and their help has been pivotal in our investing journey.

Right Property Group had helped us purchased 6 properties so far, each and every one of them is a winner.  Thanks Guys for finding us these amazing deals!!

B. Mangla

I got in touch with Right Property Group almost 2 years back and since then have got really good insights into property acquisition and finance / loan structures. I am a part of their mentoring program and have recently used their services as buyer’s agent. They found me a property, in less than 2 weeks, which gave me instant equity, is positive cash flow and fits with our long term strategy of acquiring cash flow positive properties and achieving our financial freedom sooner.

Buying the property is just a part of the service offered by the team. They were with us during the whole process and always ready to answer any question and clarify any doubts. It’s a pleasure to work with the team and their services are highly recommended.

 Anne & Jim

The team at Right Property Group made the process of buying and renovating a property easy every step of the way. Victor and Kate assessed our borrowing capacity then, referred us to a suitable lender, who was more likely to approve our loan. The job of sourcing a property under market value was much easier than doing it on our own because Nathan, Steve and Victor are “on the ground” constantly sourcing properties. Their group of contacts were invaluable.

The property we settled on was at Minto. It looked like a disaster area which, to the uninitiated, could have been rather daunting. Steve arrived on the first day that we had access to the property and walked us step-by-step through the Scope of Works. This set us up to follow through the renovation process relatively smoothly. The tradesmen and supplier contacts provided by Right Property Group arrived on time and in the right sequence which saved us an enormous amount of stress and headaches.  Steve and Victor were very supportive whenever we sought advice and guidance related to the property renovation, acquisition or needed to source other contacts.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the service provided by everyone at Right Property Group and would happily recommend them to others.

 Judy & George Domek 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Victor, Steve, Kate & Nat for all their help securing properties for us. Not only did they make the entire process much easier but they were always there with help and advice both through the buying and the renovating process. The properties they have secured for us were well under market value allowing us to build equity to continue building a portfolio. They helped us formulate a strategy to achieve our goals and have given us both the confidence and guidance to move forward to attain these goals.

We have never regretted our decision to be part of the ‘Right Property Group’ family and look forward to many more successful property deals.


Hi Kate, Victor and Steve!

You guys are terrific. I always come away from your meetings having learned something and last night was no different. Your stories are inspiring and real and the wealth of knowledge which you share is phenomenal. Besides, having Kate greet us with her beaming smile is a big bonus! I’ll be back. Thanks to all you.



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